About Us
Welcome to Tech1 Tools Ltd. If you are looking for high quality tools and workshop equipment, Tech1 are the guys. Why is that? Tech1 Tools Ltd are not just a tool and machinery sellers, we are jointly owned and run by engineers who also own engineering business and will only sell equipment and tools that are of a quality standard that we would use in our workshops.

Why did we get into selling engineering equipment and tools?
With our engineering business we found it a constant struggle to source high quality equipment at a decent price. These days you can find out most product information via the internet or emailing an expert like us, so why pay the overhead costs of a shop that simply orders in what you ask for.

We run a low cost structure giving us the ability to offer very competitive prices and are happy to answer any customer questions. All tools and equipment are from NZ suppliers and come with 1 to 3 year warranty. We have service agents in most main centres throughout NZ so full back up and servicing is available on every tool and machine we sell. Most equipment is dispatched from either Auckland or Christchurch warehouse direct to customer.

Tech1 have been designing and manufacturing products for several years and with a vast knowledge on tools and equipment found it a natural progression to add tool and equipment retails to the business. We are based in Ashburton, South Island of New Zealand. Tech1 Tools aim to run a low overhead cost structure so our customers get the best prices possible and have made the decision to only sell tools and equipment that would meet the quality requirements we would use ourself. We are also about to release the Tech1 hydraulic metal bender and Tech1 Plasma cut tracer to our manufacturing business. Watch this space for release of these products.

Tech1 Tools do not operate out of a physical retail shop where we would have to pay rent, power, insurance and other overhead costs.  We sell all tools and machinery direct to customer via internet trading. We obviously carry stocks products we manufacture, but most tools and machines are freighted directly from wholesaler to customer. We only deal in high quality tools and equipment from reputable NZ suppliers. We DO NOT sell any parrellel imported tools or tools or equipment.